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The Parent Volunteer Program is an integral part of our school and is designed as a way

for  parents to be involved in the school community. Our school relies on your talents, service, and  generosity to benefit our students and our school community as a whole. The PVH commitment is 25 hours per school year, per family. Families may complete their Parent Volunteer Hours in one of  the following ways:

  • Should a parent or family know unequivocally that they will not be able to volunteer, they will pay $1500 to Carden School of Fresno by October 6 of the current school year (this is the least desired option, as we desire parent involvement in the school).

  • Most parents will choose to work a minimum of twenty-five (25) hours by the last Friday of April.

  • It is recognized that some families may not be able to commit to the entire 25 hours. In these cases,  families will pay $60 for each hour of the 25 that has not been completed. This payment will be billed on the first week of May.


Hours may be provided by volunteering for school functions, volunteering as the room parent for your child’s classroom, or volunteering expertise in a certain field that benefits the school. Only school sponsored functions count toward the PVH commitment. Teachers will consult with the  Chairperson with opportunities for volunteering. Hours may be earned for the current school year from the first Friday of June through the last day of school. If the $1500 October 6 payment is not made, we plan on the parents helping at the school and earning PV Hours; all PV HOURS MUST BE SUBMITTED TO THE OFFICE BY LAST FRIDAY IN APRIL. 

Hours not completed by the Last Friday of April will be billed at $60 an hour. You must record the date you provided the service, a brief description of the service(s), and the length of your service. All hours must be signed off by the Chairperson and/or Supervisor of the event within 10 days of the event or the hours will not count. The PVH sheet is provided to you in your “Welcome Packet.” There will be one sheet per family. Please contact the school office with questions regarding Parent Volunteer hours.


We encourage you to sign up for volunteer opportunities at

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