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Carden School of Fresno has adopted a Uniform Dress Code in order to promote a sense of unity, professionalism, and pride in the daily activities of students. By adhering to a Uniform Dress Code, our students learn that professional appearance is important for a lifetime of success. It frees the student from unnecessary distractions and enables them to focus on the task at hand. All children in all grades are expected to be in complete uniform everyday unless it is a designated Free Dress or Spirit Day.


General Guidelines


  • All clothing should be tailored, neat, clean, mended, and the correct size for the student. Oversized or tightly fitting clothing is not permitted.

  • Pants are to be worn at the natural waistline.

  • Students are required to have the Carden uniform red sweater, red sweatshirt, red vest, or red polo available to wear for the All-School photo and for field trips. The red polo shirt may only be purchased at the school office.

  • Students are allowed to wear uniform shorts year-round if they so desire.

  • Shoes must have a closed toe and heel and enable the child to participate fully in daily physical education activities. If the recess or PE teacher feels a slip-on or inappropriate shoe will pose a safety hazard, the child will be removed from activities and their PE grade will be affected. Shoes that pose a safety hazard are not allowed. Sandals, flip-flops, slides, skate shoes, boots, elevated-heeled tennis shoes, and shoes with sound are not acceptable at any time. Light-up shoes are discouraged as this poses a distraction in the classroom. For more detailed policy, please refer to the Student Handbook.


Dennis Uniforms has a complete list of acceptable uniform attire. Check their website at



Red Polo Shirts, P.E. Uniforms and Spirit Wear should be purchased at our online Carden store.

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