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We will be returning to Moving Feast Catering as of November 4, 2019.  They have made improvements to their menu and delivery process.  You will have more flexibility to place orders throughout the month.  Please click on this link HOT LUNCH, then you may either click on the header "school lunches," or visit the middle of the page and click on the link there.


If you had a prior account, you should be able to log-in with that email address.  If you have forgotten or misplaced your password, please click on the "forgot password," then a response will be sent to that email, follow the prompts. The password is case sensitive.  The system doesn't automatically update grade levels, so you'll want to be sure to make that change.


For new and first time users, please create an account.  Once you are in the system, and have added your child(ren), visit the order section for the menu, arrow over to November, click on the lunch option, and then order.  The system will guide you to finish the payment.


Pizza Friday  Order Form

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