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On behalf of Parent Club, we would like to welcome new and returning families to the Carden School of Fresno! As a parent of a student at the school, you are automatically a member of the Carden Parent Club. Our members represent a multitude of diverse cultures and backgrounds which provides a wonderful social network for our families, staff, and community. We encourage you to join us as we believe that a partnership between parents, educators, and children enhances student success. We know that children learn more and have better lives when everyone in the school community works together to share thoughts, exchange information, and work on projects to benefit children. Our mission is to support our students, staff, and community with financial contributions, through social events and by providing moral support.    


Parent Club wants to ensure that Carden receives the help it needs both inside and outside of the classrooms. YOUR VOLUNTEERISM MAKES A DIFFERENCE TO OUR CHILDREN, OUR SCHOOL, AND OUR COMMUNITY! For this reason, Parent Club is asking every family to please help with at least two events. Even a few hours can make a huge difference. There are some predetermined ways that Parent Club needs volunteer support but there is also room for your particular skill set. Parent Club benefits from all kinds of volunteering. Perhaps you could share your financial expertise, marketing experience, contacts in the community, medical expertise that corresponds with a class lesson, mentoring on a science fair project, crafting passion, gardening enthusiasm, love of sports, graphic design, mom skills, dad skills, cooking, item donations, and on and on! Any way you might consider sharing your time with us is so important.  


This is your Parent Club and you are welcomed and encouraged to attend all of our meetings and events. Our meetings are held on the first Friday of each month at 8:10 a.m. in the school library. We hope you view our SignUp link HERE to see the many ways you can begin helping. If you are new or if it is unclear what some of the volunteer positions actually entail, please contact Parent Club. We want to hear from you. We understand how precious time is to all of us, so if there is a way you can help that fits well in your schedule, we can help find a good match!    


We organize social events and implement fundraising activities throughout the school year in order to support our mission of assisting our school community. We host an annual Harvest Carnival, Jog-a-thon, Ice Cream Social, Olympic Day lunch, bowling event, and an evening dance. We hold a local community raffle and arrange the weekly Bake Sales and Pizza Fridays. We participate in Box Tops for Education,, and


We look forward to seeing all of you!   




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