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Welcome to Carden School of Fresno. Whether you are visiting for the first time or are a parent of a Carden student, you most likely have questions about our school. As the head of school, I have heard many questions from many parents, but I have discovered that they are all versions of the same basic inquiry:


“How does Carden prepare my child for a lifetime of success?”


This is really the question to ask of any school, and it is one that we consider all the time on our campus.  To help answer it, here is a brief list of what your child will gain by attending Carden:


  • A love of learning

  • Wealth of knowledge

  • Emotional security

  • An alert attitude of mind

  • Self-reliance and self-confidence

  • Good study habits

  • Mastery of techniques and skills

  • Stamina

  • A love of school



How do I know that your child will acquire all of these? I know because Mae Carden wrote about these exact qualities in her groundbreaking educational text, Quality Teaching – Successful Learning. It is a book that is on every bookshelf of every teacher on this campus.


This is a portrait of the successful student, and it is a clear illustration of the Carden experience. At Carden, children delight in learning. They gain an appreciation not only for knowledge but for art, beauty, and each other. When you walk into any classroom you will see this at work – there is vitality here because we believe that education is a privilege and a joy.


Does this sound too good to be true? Please visit our campus and see for yourself that Carden School of Fresno is truly a place unlike any other.  It is a place in which success is driven by love and the search for truth; it is a place that cherishes the individual but fosters community; it is our place.


I hope to make it yours, too.





Dr. Megan McMills

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