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Junior Kindergarten Spotlight

When you walk into Miss Rubbo’s junior kindergarten classroom, you will find bright colors, imaginative displays, and happy students – everything you would hope to see in a space designed for young children. Whether the students are learning how to write their letters and numbers or following a story in our early Carden readers, they are engaged and interested in each new activity.

For Miss Rubbo, our Junior Kindergarten Director, working in this environment each day is a blessing:

“I love being here,” she says, looking out at the low tables covered with student work. “It is amazing to see these children grow and learn so much.”

Walking around the room, Miss Rubbo points out examples of student growth – both academically and socially.

“I had students who did not know how to properly hold a pencil when they started,” she explains. “Now, they are writing their own names.”

Learning the Letters

We stop at one table, and Miss Rubbo selects a letter writing page.


Teaching the formation of letters and numbers is a critical step in our junior kindergarten program, a foundational skill that will lead our students to success throughout their Carden experience.

“We are still working on making the dots to space out their letters," Miss Rubbo explains. "But they are showing so much improvement!”


The Joy of Learning

As the students continue to learn and develop their skills, Miss Rubbo designs creative projects that engage her students and provide opportunities to experience the joy of learning.

“Here, they are creating an interactive alphabet book. It gives them a fun way to connect to what they are learning – so they will write the letters, then complete practice worksheets and a craft based on that letter.”

Social and Emotional Development

As much as the students have grown academically during the school year, Miss Rubbo is most impressed by her students’ social growth, independence, and confidence.

“They will talk to anyone who comes up to the playground, all the students and the staff members. We are still working on learning names!”

Helping her students master new skills, fostering their love for school and for each other, and watching them thrive at Carden are among the many highlights for Miss Rubbo:

“One of my favorite things to watch is how their friendships grow over time,” she says. “I am so glad that the children are able to come to school on our campus.”

Learn More

At Carden, we love to meet new families and welcome students into our unique program.

To learn more about our junior kindergarten or to schedule your private tour, click the button below.

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