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One of the key goals of the Carden Method is to teach children how to communicate their ideas fluently and accurately, both orally and in writing. Learning another language enhances children’s linguistic abilities. We also recognize that we live in a global community, and it is important for students to understand different cultures and ways of thinking. Teaching a foreign language provides a broader perspective of the world.


Beginning in Jr. Kindergarten and extending through eighth grade, Carden students are offered the opportunity to learn French. This language was chosen by Mae Carden because of the many words in the English language that are of French origin. Students learn French grammar, vocabulary, conversation, and culture through a variety of experiences.


In addition to French, Carden School of Fresno is proud to offer other languages for course of study:


Latin (6–8 grades)

The study of Latin is the core of a classical education. The Latin curriculum follows a traditional scope and sequence consistent with the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages of the trivium.

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