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First through eighth graders spend time weekly in our Computer Lab staffed by a dedicated technology instructor. Computer literacy is emphasized through mastery of the various components of software and programs available. Students learn computer terminology, correct keyboarding, use of Microsoft Office and other software, and internet safety.


The computer science class at Carden School of Fresno teaches coding techniques, typing skills and an overall understanding of technology. Students solve problems and develop abilities which they will use throughout the rest of their education.


Students study simple computer science concepts through block programming. The Tynker Visual Programming Language is based on Open Web standards. Students start programming with visual blocks, then transition to JavaScript when they are ready. They build fantastic scenarios, characters that move about in a world that they create on their own with the use of Tynker’s language extensions, built-in physics engine, animation libraries, and character editors that provide children an excellent outlet to unleash their creativity.


Because typing is the basis for future composition and coding efforts, we train the students to become fluent typists in elementary school. Students learn to take simple dictation, produce documents, design spreadsheets, and create slide presentations. They are guided in their internet use so that they may become responsible online citizens and learn to use internet communication responsibly. We introduce students to internet research for images and information. In addition, students use computers to study mathematics and science.

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