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Mae Carden established the first CARDEN SCHOOL® in 1934 at 24 East 68th Street in New York City. She demonstrated that children can gain an understanding of their own language and attain the ability to use it correctly when reading, listening, speaking, or writing. Her goal was to teach children to think; her main techniques were analysis and rhythm. Her educational philosophy and teaching techniques became an integral part of the CARDEN METHOD®. Teachers, students, and parents often shorten the name of this interrelated, eclectic group of approaches to learning. They call it Carden.


The CARDEN METHOD® is a vital educational philosophy with proven teaching techniques applied to a curriculum concerned with the development of the whole child. The Carden curriculum begins with three-year-old children and continues through middle school, each level reinforcing and building upon the strengths gained by the student during the previous year.


The Carden curriculum stresses mastery of content and the development of analytical thinking and problem solving skills. Using a highly individualized approach, Carden meets each learner’s particular needs. Children receive sound, well-rounded education they need to realize their full potential in life. Carden believes that life is a joy, and so should be learning. This attitude promotes a life-long love of learning among Carden students.


The Carden curriculum includes language arts – a systematic teaching of phonics, reading, spelling, writing and grammar – mathematics – a depth of understanding with the teaching of arithmetic skills – science, history, foreign languages (French and Latin), physical education, computer skills, geography and character development.  It is a rich and extensive program.


Additionally, Carden offers a cultural program which engenders appreciation of art and music. A drama program affords participation for every student. A guidance program develops the student by awakening each child to ethical and social values. The emphasis of our program is the development of the whole child.


Inherent in the Carden Philosophy of Education is character development that focuses on high standards of personal behavior, mutual respect, self-discipline, mental and physical stamina, and self-confidence. The goal of Carden School is an educated and self-reliant individual. The School holds to Miss Carden’s dictum, “Real education develops sound judgment and requires practical application of knowledge in all aspects of learning and in every phase of life.”


Carden School of Fresno teachers have received certification in the Carden Method through course work provided by the Carden Educational Foundation. New teachers receive on-site training and coaching by experienced teachers.

Our Mission and Core Values

The mission of Carden School of Fresno is to provide the highest quality education of the whole child using the Carden Method® and curriculum, to educate with joy, enthusiasm, dignity, and respect. Inherent in the Carden Method® is character development, focusing on high standards of personal behavior, mutual respect, self-discipline, and mental, emotional and physical stamina. The goal of the Carden School of Fresno is an educated, ethical, and self-reliant individual.


Carden School of Fresno encourages an appreciation of life, learning, culture, wisdom, superior standards, and fairness, along with a respect for work, whether it is school, volunteer, or professional. Our aim is to develop a well rounded student who excels in academic areas, speaks well, is poised, acquires good manners, is cognizant of a proper code of ethics, understands his or her importance in the greater community, and appreciates the cultural aspects of life.

Our History

Miss Mae Carden developed the Carden Method in the late 1930s and early 1940s in response to what she felt was a deteriorating academic curriculum and a turning away from the teaching of traditional American values in public schools. Miss Carden eventually formed the Carden Educational Foundation to promote the Carden Method on a national scale, to support teacher training, and to provide Carden curricular materials to Carden schools. Today, there are approximately 100 Carden schools throughout the United States with recent expansion to other countries around the world.


Miss Saralena Sherman opened the doors of Carden School of Fresno in 1963 using the principles set forth by Miss Carden. The school was incorporated in 1999 as a nonprofit organization governed by a parent-elected Board of Directors.

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